Hakuna Matata is our motto and mantra.  It means no worries.  Worry, angst, stress, and anxiety will surely choke off any attempts at health and happiness.  In fact, these are some of the worst killers in human history.  And while we may need help getting a handle on our stress levels, we eventually have to face the undeniable fact that stress comes from within not without.  And we are ultimately responsible for our stress levels.  Stress is an internal reaction to external events.  At a certain level, such as when our lives are truly in danger, stress is a good thing.  At other times, such as when we worry about things we can’t control, stress is a very bad thing.  The key is in knowing the difference.  Worry, angst, and anxiety all lead to stress.  So many many people have physical and emotional problems that are a result of stress, stemming from worry and lifestyle choices.

The way to begin taking control of our lives and not being controlled by our emotions is to look honestly at life; ask ourselves if the worry is worth it.  Consider a different approach to life.  Understand that every second you have choices.  You don’t have to act the way you have always acted, the way you were raised to act, the way others you know act.  You are a complete, unique individual endowed with the ability to make your own choices, and blessed with the possibility of a higher standard of existence.

Consider these words from Jeff Foster:

What’s worse, the falling rain, or your resistance to getting wet? 
The changing winds, or your battle against them? 
The grass as it grows, or your demand for it to grow faster? 
This moment, or your rejection of it? 
Consider the possibility that Life is never ‘against’ you.
You are Life.”

“Nothing and nobody can make me suffer. Suffering is always, always, my own resistance to the Way Things Are Right Now, my own dis-alignment with a perfectly choreographed universe, an innocently imagined separation from my true nature as Consciousness itself”.


Consider this and choose wisely.  And remember, Hakuna Matata.