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The Evidence-Based Qigong curriculum is the core aspect of our Insight Qigong training program.  These simple Qigong exercises were developed by Dr. Yang of the Center for Taiji and Qigong Studies and have been proven effective on a variety of measures through evidence-based trials.  While we eventually get deeper into Qigong studies and investigate other exercises and processes, these exercises serve as our baseline.

Following I have some short and simple videos taken at our workshops that show the basics movements of some of these components.  I hope this can be a learning tool for those new to the program and a reminder for those further along.

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Our mindfulness and meditation practices, the various ones we use in our teaching, have specific influences.  All these practices originate from Buddhist, Yogic, and Taoist sources.  However, they are not religious practices.  They can and are used in religious practice, and can certainly be designated as spiritual practice.  But they are not exclusively religious.  These practices can and are engaged in sectarian contexts all the time.  While we do refer to these various teachings in our practice to better understand and share with others, one is not required or even invited to believe anything to make these practices work.  They are basically scientific.  Try it.  See if it works.  That’s all.  Nothing more.