We teach and practice a version of Wujigong known as The Heaven-Earth Primordial Qigong Form.  This form is not to be confused with Hunyuan Qigong, which is also commonly referred to as Primordial Qigong.  This is a Qigong form, while the Hunyuan is a set of exercises and principles that cross over all disciplines.  This form works with Yin Earth energy and Yang Heaven energy, utilizing our bodies as the cauldron for the mixing of these energies, along with the three treasures, in an inner alchemical process of total transformation and change.

This form is a type of Neigong.  It works to transform our inner essence to energy, and that energy to spirit, thus revealing our inherent nature as pure Universal Awareness.  So this form accomplishes a lot, but it is relatively simple to learn and practice and can be further refined over time, revealing ever deeper meaning and possibilities.

While there is a bit of mystery and esoterica involved with this practice, there is nothing magical, mystical, or surreal about it.  In keeping with our basic philosophy, we try to emphasize the practical aspects of this training.  It is for this reason that I don’t recommend any videos or books on this form, other than what is presented by Dr. Roger Jhanke.  There are other Qigong organizations and teachers who present this form in a New-Age light that is not in keeping with our intentions.  This is a very powerful practice, and while it is an uncommon practice and esoteric knowledge, it is fully inline with the natural processes of the Universe.

Like all Taoist practices, this form can be equally applied to healing, spiritual growth, martial competence, and physical conditioning.  Being that it is inner alchemy, it is ultimately a spiritual practice, but intense healing is implied in that process.  At the same time, the footwork and balancing involved are consistent with Taiji principles and are good for the overall health and fitness of the practitioner.

As Neigong, this form is ultimately performed internally, the outer movements being a reflection of inner energy dynamics.  The best process for learning is to first learn the choreography, then move into refining the movements and internalizing the practice.  This is a process.  It is a life-long practice.  Benefits are apparent from the beginning and get deeper and better over time.  Like all practice, the best way to begin is to begin.  After that, all things take care of themselves.