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Some history of Qigong from Dr. Roger Jhanke:

“There is a growing literature on the history, tradition, science and practice of Qigong.  Its origin is shrouded in the mystery of ancient China. There are stories of special techniques of breath practice that lead to immortality, healing powers, and special abilities…… The martial Gong enhances the strength, endurance and spirit of the warrior. The medical Gong can be used to heal diseases. Confucian Qigong is focused on self-cultivation, ethical development and refinement of personal temperament. The Taoist Gong is aimed at alchemical transmutation, merging with nature, longevity and immortality. The Buddhist Gong seeks refinement of mind, transcending the world of illusion and salvation of all living things…..”

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Mahavatar BabajiWe are now offering a monthly gathering for meditation at The Center for Holistic Healing, in High Point, NC.  Rather than offer a “how-to class” for beginners, or a lineage-specific meditation hour based on a specific type or school of meditation, we are offering a more open, Universalist approach that is accommodating to those with little or no experience and meaningful and enriching to the more seasoned meditator.  The real essence and power of meditation is found in the stillness.  This can be even more effective in common company.  Our goal is to explore ways of entering and cultivating stillness, and supporting each other in the process.  In the meantime we hope to build a solid meditation group that will helps us all in our practice and serve as a welcome place for those who are interested in meditation, but don’t know where to practice.

Each month we will feature a different group leader and look at different approaches to meditation.  We will spend a little time before meditation for chatting and fellowship.  Then we will spend a little time after meditation for questions and discussion.  We will also try to offer homework, something to contemplate, methods to try, or readings to consider between meetings.

As a support, I will be offering short blog posts exploring different aspects of meditation, training tools, and tips here on my training blog:

Please feel free to join us.