Proper stretching is a must for efficient Qigong practice.  Stretching is necessary to prevent injury and to open the jingjin or the connecting tissue, tendons, and joints to allow for better energy flow.  There is not a standard format for pre-Qigong stretching, per se.  However, practitioners should ensure that the whole body, all muscle/tendon groups are worked.

Before stretching, the body and muscle groups should be warmed up.  This can be accomplished by vigorous walking or any of a variety of gentle exercises.  In our Taiji classes, we typically warm up with agility exercises:

Another possibility may be sun salutations:

It doesn’t have to be intense or complicated, just something you are comfortable with that will do the job.

After you have warmed the body, begin the stretch routine.  If you are a Hatha Yoga or Gongfu practitioner, you may certainly use the routine you are comfortable with.  If you don’t have a warm-up/stretch routine, the videos below are all suitable choices.  Once you get established in your practice, you may want to alternate routines to keep it interesting and provide for various approaches.