The following article by Master Wang Zhijun, a Chen-style practitioner in Shanghai, offers a deep look at deep internal training in Taijiquan:  When we practice the Taijiquan form, we must train very hard and work on understanding and perfecting the ‘internal’ method of martial arts practice. This is how the Dao of internal health is developed, which is not dependent upon any form of externality….When ‘intention’ is used correctly, the mind is ‘stilled’ before expanding and embracing the divine-sky and the broad earth. This is how personal consciousness expands and is realised to share the same essence as the universe. This is the integration of the micro and macro-cosmic orbit circulations. In the deluded state, the fundamental integration of the divine-sky and the broad earth remains unknown. In the enlightened state, this obscuring layer of ignorance is ‘dissolved’ and the universal reality of diversity within oneness is directly understood.”

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